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Our mission is to deliver attractive and effective team building programs for every team and to provide professional, high-quality services.

Our success is given by the quality of our services and by the professionalism of our team. We permanently improve and develop new programs and each program is customized and adapted to each team’s needs. We focus on team’s objectives and the activities are regarded as a tool for reaching the objectives.

When delivering adventure programs, safety is a key element for us. Because of these, we earn the trust and confidence of our clients that even an activity might seem quite adventurous, they will succeed to do it, and with maximum safety.

We promise we will design and deliver the perfect worrty-free team building program for you.

Akita Corporate Team Building

Concept Stage

You give us the event details, we prepare a program proposal for you

Program Agreement

We present our proposal to you, we discuss it, we make changes together if necessary, we agree upon the team building program to be delivered.

Contract Signing

We agree upon contract terms and sign the contract

Delivery & Follow-up

We deliver the team building program for your team, according to the agreed agenda. After the event we will send to you the results of the questionnaire we applied at the end of the program and a brief team building report.

Use our advantages

High quality, worry-free events

We deliver high quality, worry-free events. We pay attention to every small detail and due to our vast experience even the unpredicted situation that might occur will be smoothly managed. Sometimes we are asked to work on a low budget. If we consider that the quality of the program will be affected by this, we prefer not to work.


Each team is different so each program we design and deliver is customized according to each team’s needs and objectives. We have some predefined programs to guide you in planning your own program, but most of the times we mix programs and activities or even design together completely new programs.

Safety & Security

The safety and security of our clients are very important for us. We allocate all the necessary logistics for accomplishing all the tasks safe and secure. Akita team is permanently trained and updated with in the rescue and safety techniques. We always allocate a sufficient number of trainers for each activity.


Indoor activities are the “saving solution” when the weather doesn’t allow us to deliver the outdoor program. So if you contracted an outdoor team building program, and it’s raining or it is too cold, don’t worry, we always provide  indoor backup.


The debriefing sessions will help the participants understand how they performed as a team during the activities, what was good and what needs improvement. The time allocated for debriefing will vary according to each team’s needs and requests.


At the end of the program we will ask the participants to fulfil a questionnaire in which they will evaluate the program and our performance. Within one week from the event you will receive a brief report based on the results of the evaluation.

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