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We are Akita and we can’t wait to meet you! We are young (if not in age, for sure in spirit 🙂 ) and restless 🙂 ). We love nature, outdoors, traveling and of course, team building!

It’s such a great opportunity to meet amazing teams and people! We permanently learn from our clients and every team building program we deliver is an enriching experience. Traveling to new, beautiful locations for delivering unique team building programs for unique teams is really nice and inspiring :). For sure we love our job!

We are very passionate about what we do and we focus on delivering memorable experiences for both the teams and the team members. We are here to understand your needs and to offer you professional support. So you can count on us for creating memorable team building events together.

Thank everyone on the Akita team

I want to thank everyone on the Akita team for putting together a great event. All the feedback we’re getting is extremely positive.


Consul General of US Embassy in Romania

And some more testimonials

“Very professional, trustful, very well suited for this job.”
“Super Ok. Super prepared. Super team. ”
“Very nice people. They showed professionalism.”
“I liked the organizing and their help.”
“Very reliable, all very involved and well organized.”
“Really OK. They are professionals. ”
“I was surprised by the seriousness with which you’ve coordinated the activities and how much you’ve focused on the safety features.”
“Very nice. Good people skills and inspired selection of the activities included in our program”
“All are very nice and very good at what they do.”
“I’ll be glad to meet them anytime.”
“Very well prepared, innovative and involved in what they do, not just formal …”
“Without discrimination, the team is great. They worked together very well. ”
“For all the team, congratulations on how you prepared and coordinated the activities for the four teams. You are also professionals. ”
“A very dynamic and spiritual team.”
“I hope we’ll meet again next time.”
“The whole team did a great job!.
“You are very nice and professional!”
“You are all special people. I think everything you do, you do with passion and great involvement. Good luck!”
Very well suited for conducting the activities: Professionals!”
“The best team!”
“Communicative, patient, organized”
“AKITA team is excellently trained and highly organized.”
“AKITA team has shown professionalism in organizing this event.”
“A calm team, focused on goal and objective.”
“All are open-minded, friendly people, from whom you can learn many new interesting things.”
“One team”
“Very nice and well prepared.”
“”They have achieved an effective team building.”

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