Sensiblu Camping Team Event

Objectives: increasing team cohesion, improving communication (formal and informal), increasing team’s performance

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    Ciresu, Mehedinti

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Camping Team Event

A courageous camping team event organized for Sensiblu Marketing Team in Ciresu, Mehedinti. The camping element, very new and uneasy for some of the participants, was the key connector for the team. Organizing the camp site, preparing food, sharing memories and experiences around the campfire, together with the other activities from program, was really team bounding. Everybody was very happy about participating in the team building program and considered it benefic for the team.  The objectives of this two days camping team event were to increase team’s cohesion, to improve communication (formal and informal), and to increase team’s performance. It was an active team building program, specially designed for a young and dynamic team, a mixture of our predefined programs Amazonia, Hades, Into the Wild and Treasure Hunt.

Great team building

“A great team building. I felt like I was still in high school, camping. ”
“It was a real team building.”
“I liked the activities and the fact that we had to work together as a team.”
“It was great, I felt great; although I came here with some worries, in the end everything was really ok.”

Sensiblu Team Members
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