Team Building Program Description

You are trapped in the underground world! Only together you can find the way out! You will have to fullfill several tasks that will help you earn the clues and the parts of the map that will guide you to the outside world! The total lack of light is a new sensation for most of you. It can be a stress factor for some, but you have lights with you and all the colleagues to encourage and support you! For few hours you’ll become real cavers. You’ll crawl, you’ll climb, you’ll rappel and you’ll cross subterranean rivers. It will be an incredible journey, the beauties of the underground world will be revealed to you. At some point you’ll consider you are lucky to be here!

Key words:  teamwork, cooperation, problem solving, trust building, encouragement, support, communication, condidence building

Team Building Program Details

  • Duration:3-6 h
  • Location: outdoor
  • Minimum no. of participants: 10
  • Maximum no. of participants: 100
  • Period: All year round
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