Scavenger Hunt

Team Building Program Description

Scavenger hunts can be really fun and energizing. Are highly customizable, can be organized in very different settings and can last from one hour to a whole day. The items that the team must gather can vary from objects, to photos and videos. The participants will be divided into small teams, but for certain tasks, the whole team must reunite. Scavenger hunts are often requested for actively visiting a town/city and learning about its most important sites. For young and restless teams, more dynamic and daring challenges can be added to the scavenger hunt list.

Key words: teamwork, creativity, problem solving, time management, communication, strategy, fun

Team Building Program Details

  • Duration:3-6 h
  • Location: outdoor/indoor
  • Minimum no. of participants: 10
  • Maximum no. of participants:unlimited
  • Period: All year round
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