Team Cooking

Team Building Program Description

Culinary team building is always a fun and delicious activity! The participants will be divided into small teams. Each team has to prepare 2 courses for the evening “Great Buffett”. The rules are simple: the food must be healthy cooked, the teams aren’t allowed to use internet for inspiration, they must use only the given resources and they must timely finish cooking. The teams will negotiate what they will cook, will decide each team member’s role and will present their work and original recipes this evening at the “Great Buffett”. The delicious courses will be highly appreciated by everybody!

Key words: teamwork, cooperation, collaboration, planning, negotiation, team roles, time management, presentation skills, creativity

Team Building Program Details

  • Duration:3-6 h
  • Location: outdoor/indoor
  • Minimum no. of participants: 10
  • Maximum no. of participants: unlimited
  • Period: All year round
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