The Potters

Team Building Program Description

Pottery is an activity that can be successfully integrated in a great, interactive team building program. Teams must be creative, efficiently comunicate and collaborate in order to timely finish the assigned task: to build company’s coat of arms using just clay and paint. They must discuss and negotiate the ideas, decide upon a plan and execute it. Each team will prepare a part of the coat of arms and in the end all the pieces will be put together. The resulted artwork displayed in your office will be a beautiful reminder of a great day spent together and it will be a vivid proof of effective teamwork!

Key words: teamwork, creativity, collaboration, communication, planning, permanent reminder

Team Building Program Details

  • Duration:3-6 h
  • Location: outdoor/indoor
  • Minimum no. of participants: 10
  • Maximum no. of participants: unlimited
  • Period: All year round
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