Team Building Program Description

Your team represents a well know winery and you will soon attend an international wine challenge. Your team is new, so you need to learn everything about the winery and the wines you will present at the competition. You will start with a tour of the winery, if needed you will give a hand at grapes harvesting, you will assist the wine production process and of course you will have a wine tasting. You will be trained by a famous sommelier in order to properly present the selected wines at the competition. It will be a fun but demanding day, because you will have to participate in some other activities for earning resources needed for the final task. Your final and main taskwill be to brand and market the wines (to choose a name and a logo, to create a bottle label, to prepare and present a commercial for the selected wines) and to participate in the International Wine Challenge. You have to use all your team members’ skills and abilities in order to win the Competition! The taste is very important, but also the branding and the presentation must be outstanding!

Key words: team work, creativity, cooperation, collaboration, communication, time and resources management

Team Building Program Details

  • Duration:3-6 h
  • Location: outdoor/indoor
  • Minimum no. of participants: 10
  • Maximum no. of participants: 300
  • Period: All year round

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